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How to do SEO the Right Way

The best way to figure out how to do SEO is to write good content. Well, what constitutes “good” content versus bad content? Think of it this way. Good content is when the person reading the content gets something out of it, and learns what it is they hoped to get when coming to your page in the first place. Good content is when you deliver on expectations in spades.

How To Do SEO The Right Way

Good content is where you talk about the thing Google thinks you’re talking about. When the user clicks the back button hastily (called a bounce), Google knows that your page is not what the person searching is looking for. This is the result of bad content, which can be poorly written, illegible, missing content, or just something other than what you said it would be based on your Google listing. If the topic of your site doesn’t match the content, that is in effect a form of “false advertising” and Google won’t give you points for that.

The golden rule applies here. Create content that you yourself would want to read or watch (consume) when searching for this topic. If you stick to that, you should be good. Why? Because Google wants to see good information being presented when you are claiming that you have good content to satisfy the needs of the people searching for what you’re offering.

When someone searches for something in Google, let’s say “how to make money online” for example, and they click on a link in the search results that come up, visit that site, and then instantly click the back button to find another listing, Google knows that site isn’t what the person wanted. This is why the time spent by a visitor on a page is important. This tells Google whether or not your site was helpful or useless. This is known as the bounce rate or exit rate. Consider good SEO a good measure of helpfulness to the people who come to your site to see what you offer. If you have too many ads and all sales spammy nonsense, most people will find little value in that and quickly click away. Content is what matters. Giving people the information they need and EXPECT is how to do SEO the right way. That is what makes a site good. The content written on it.

What is SEO all about anyway?

What is SEO?

What is SEO you ask? This random term so often used, but little understood. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” which a fancy term that people love to throw around. SEO is the process of putting lipstick on your pig or more plainly making your website more attractive to search engines. Anytime you hear “search engines” you should instead think “Google” because in all honesty, that is the only search engine anyone cares about, especially the SEO nerds. Google is their

The other search engines with any kind of significance are Bing and Yahoo, but they don’t hold any where near as much importance as Google does. Google is the big bad wolf, and they command most of the searches people make on the web, which is why they are the most important.

Have Eyeballs, Will Profit

In the world of internet marketing, meaning trying to get anyone’s attention long enough to see what you’re selling, much less actually buying, the only thing that matters is eyeballs. This is a long time marketing thing. It is the same reason there are billboards on the highway and not in the suburbs. Eyeballs (meaning people) will be traveling right by that billboard in high volumes with high frequency. Billboards are not as effective anymore because people have learned to ignore them and they are too busy checking Facebook on their phone as they drive to even see the road anymore.

Attention = Dollars

On the internet the game is the same. Whoever can get the most attention will get the most dollars. It is as simple as that. It is a high-school popularity contest all over again except with real stakes this time. How does this relate to SEO? What is SEO again, but the process of dressing up your website to get Google to see it and send it more traffic, or attention, meaning more eyeballs. The best looking website to a search engine gets the most attention from people searching for what that site offers, and thus the most money from whatever that site is selling. Some people simply add Google’s own ads (AdSense) to their site to get paid for showing them to visitors, based on the interest of that visitor.

SEO is the Not-So-Fine Art of Getting Attention for Your Website or Product

This is why SEO is a big deal, depending on the time and effort you put into SEO, and the skill with which you do it, can makes or break your business’s ability to get noticed on the Internet. The quality of your SEO will have Google see you as legitimate and worth sending their valuable search traffic to.  There are a lot of facets to the practice of SEO and how to do it properly, without using spammy crazy insane tactics that have a high chance to backfire in the end.

This is the reason this site exists, to bring you the best ideas on the topic without anything sketchy.  Stay tuned for more on this topic that will actually help you do things right. Notice I haven’t promised to help you make money online so you can retire as a toddler and live the good life. That is not what this is about. It is about SEO.